Never Judge A Book By Its Cover… This Is What These Judges Learnt From This Man’s Performance!


One American minister by the name Freddie Combs gave one of the most outstanding performances that the “The X Factor” show had ever witnessed in its history. This five hundred-pound man who had already made losses worthy 400 pounds when he was on the verge of dying had been brought by his wife onto the stage on a wheelchair. He jokingly said to the judges “Give a fat boy a chance” after he saw they were in shock when he had taken the stage. Once he started doing his thing on the stage, he stunned both the audience and the judges.

He was performing a song entitled “Wind Beneath My Wings,” and the whole impressive and heavenly performance was dedicated to his lovely wife. Judging the book by its cover is what should always be avoided. That is what the judges concluded upon hearing his strong voice that amazed and shocked them.

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