This Song Will Surely Appease Your Spirits. This is Why It is Such A Great Hit!


This American Acapella group comes from Mankato, MN, and goes by the name Home Free. You can witness the rich talent that their vocal tones possess when they perform a classic spiritual song called “Angels We Have Heard on High”. The group works in a collective manner and never fails to deliver with Adam Rupp being the vocal percussion, Tim Foust does bass, Chris Rupp does baritone while Rob Lundquist and Austin Brown do tenor. Since this song features Jesus Christ (the King himself), it is very appropriate over the Christmas holiday.

While appearing energetic and joyful, these guys skillfully give justice to the beautiful song within this video. By carefully listening to the words, your spirit won’t fail to be appeased with the way they glorify the King whom the Lord has given to us in Bethlehem. These guys seem to enjoy the song very much and the way they are set in a church scenario as if singing to a congregation kills it all! They give poises which accord a lot of respect to Christianity as a religion.

Their new album called “Full of Cheer” features the song in this video. It is a great Christmas song that can be accessed on iTunes. “Crazy Life” is another album that this group has released which you can also check out.

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