Two Owls Sit On A Rooftop. Now Watch What The Evil One On The Right Does….


Picture this: a couple sits next to each other on park bench. It’s a beautiful day, but they’re mad at each other so they’re sitting a little further apart than normal. Neither one of them is talking. Neither is looking at one another. That’s exactly what these two owls seem to be doing in this video, only one owl decides to give the other a good dose of non-verbal communication as he makes an exit.
In this relatively short video, this pair of owls sit quietly on a rooftop. They appear to just be taking in the surroundings and not giving the other the time of day. It’s not long before one owl just has enough and turns to fly away… but, not before leaving a present behind! That’s right, he (or she) turns away from his partner and proceeds to take a big dump – letting his crazy bird crap to run down the rooftop shingles right onto the other bird!
You know that owl was thinking, “What the hell! Did he really just do that?” I have never seen this short of a video be so funny.
As far as why that owl did a dump and run, we’ll never know. Really, we don’t know if these two owls are male or female, either, or if they’re even a couple. Still, you have to see the remaining owl’s reaction.
Check it out and see for yourself.

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