She Says “Come Over.” Now See This Beautiful Horse’s Reaction. It’s So Incredibly Cute!


As one of the stallions of the Friesian species in the world, FredrikThe Great is a protected animal. He getscared for in every way possible. He’s happy and energetic, and he never loses a chance to express his love for everyone around him. This beautiful horse is just amazing!

In a few years, this strong stallion has attracted a lot of attention from all horse-lovers, and managed to get quite a following by fans from all over the world. The horse has clearly turned into a celebrity, and it’s largely owed to his cool, playful, friendly and intelligent nature. In fact,Fredrik is not just a horse, as he represents a special species of the horse population. This particular animal has been selected to take part in efforts to prevent his breed from extinction, and he isn’t failing to impress.

You’ll love just how intelligent an animal can be, and much more when the creature happens to be cool a horse like FredrikThe Great.

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World Champion Friesian stallion, Frederik The Great!Frederik the Great

Posted by Horse Talk on Thursday, January 29, 2015

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