Mama Elephant Dug For 11 Hours In The Name Of Love. So Heartwarming!


Nature has made the bond between a child and a parent to be so strong. In most cases, parents put the needs of their children first. They can do everything within their reach to ensure their babies are protected, and elephants are no exception when it comes to that.

Here, a mother elephant is doing all she can to save her baby from a well that’s filled with mud. She’s ready to dig into the mud so as to rescue her baby. She is seen distressed when some of the mud she had pushed to the embankment traps the calf. She is not one to lose hope in her rescue mission. This reminds me of a drowning calf that was saved by her mama elephant.

As revealed by the YouTube description, the situation was made worse by the mud she accidentally pushed into the well. That made the baby to be within the mud as from 9p.m to 8a.m the following day. Those watching could not interfere since they feared being trampled by the elephant. Finally, she was able to rescue the calf by tightly wrapping the baby’s body with her with her trunk.

There is no better way of showing the strength of parental love than this!

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