Bindi Irwin Performs A Dance In Honor Someone Special, How She Does It? So Emotional!


Although this girl has been doing wonderfully on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, making millions of spectators go crazy, there is a message she needs to share. Weeks prior to the performance, she decided to go public on how she sentimentally felt.
She spoke openly about how she lost her dad called Steve Irwin, who was a Crocodile Hunter. Steve died in 2006 with 44 years.

Even though nearly 10 years have passed, she recalls the wonderful moments that they had together. Below, there is a clip that features some of these wonderful moments like being with crocodiles and turtles.
Bindi confessed to Derek Hough, her dancing comrade that what really made her who she is was the death of her father.

They later danced to “Every Breath You Take,” a song by the Police. The dance really had a deep meaning to Bindi as she cried in the arms of Hough at the end of it.

Bindi and Hough were selected to be the best dancers of the night with 28 /30. Tonioli, a judge, also awarded them the whole 10 points of season 21.

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