This Abusive Teacher Was Secretly Recorded On Camera- This served Him Right!


This is a Russian movie which was recorded by one student while attending an English lesson. Within this video, a teacher is questioning the little girl while she is standing in front of the class. The teacher is asking her what she came to school to study. Though it’s hard to get the girl’s response, the teacher reacts aggressively and he tells her to read loudly the writings on the blackboard. In an aggressive manner, he instructs the young girl to say the word ‘You’ in Russian. Parents and teachers must not be allowed to treat children the way this one did. It’s my hope that the profession of the teacher under discussion came to an end once the video was released.

Though I’m not a violence lover, the way the girl reacted made me very happy. This kind of treatment should be accorded to all bullies.

If we share the same thinking, kindly SHARE! Bullying must come to an end!

What do you think?