Whatever Is Cooking Between This Chicken And The Boy Will Get Your Emotions Heating. I’m Down!


If you thought a dog is man’s only best friend, ditch that now, because you missed something!

Love Bird is the chicken that loves a human, Mason, and she’s proud of it!

Mason and Love can’t be separated, ever since they met when Bird was hatched during a school project back in 2011. She always welcomes her 6-year-old friend back home when he gets back from school.

Mason’s Brumley family, living in Springville, California, decided to upload this clip documenting the love between the two, and it’s better than you think!

To spice things up, the family sought to see how Love would react if Mason got a hair-cut. In the video, mason wants a hug, arms stretched, from his cool friend, but Love isn’t about to make a mistake. She has to do an inspection to be sure it’s him. This is going to warm you up!

Interestingly, they gave the clip the title “Is it really you?”

Watch the full clip and you won’t hold back a smile!

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