Though She Needed Her Twins To Be Happy, She Least Expected This… So PRICELESS!


A baby’s giggling has its own share of magic… it’s so cute and doubles up when you have two of them at the same time. Getting tired of the adorable sound in stereo is not possible – that’s exactly what these two twins who are 9 months old bring to the table. This is the first time they are having their double birth and their laughter is so priceless. You can also have a look of the triplets who let it lose whenever mom utters “achoo.”

These twin girls are accompanied by Dad and Mom who are enjoying their time at home. When their parents decided to make some silly sound, they respond with “WOOO,” while full of delight. You can see one resting an arm on the other and that seems not to be a bother at all!

This laughter appears like one which will last the whole video. But then, something else comes up at 0:58 when mom requests the one on the left to take off her hand from the other… she does it half-heartedly. Out of nowhere, tears appear it required the intervention of her sister for normality to prevail.

Watching this will surely make your day!

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