This Cat Was Playing Next To A Swimming Pool, What Her Brother Did Next? LOL!


Cats are every inch wonderful animals. They are 100% feline and 75% curious about everything. They are also unique animals in their own way. A big part of the fascination with cats is their link to ancient Egypt and being revered as being creatures that have a powerful connection to the spiritual world. Whatever cats are detail, in nature, they are also cute and furry pets that people love and adore a whole lot.

In this video, we get to see the true playful side to cats, and also get a glimpse that their mischievous and daring side as well. As one cat is gazing lost in the blueness of the pool before it, the other cat, who is the brother to the cat looking into the pool in a totally unaware kind of way. The other cat is being sly and sneaky in approach. However, the other cat doesn’t even know he’s about to be pounced on, as the mischievous brother cat stalks its unsuspecting sibling prey with total play in mind. Brother cat than pushes the other cat into the cool waters of the pool and just looks on. The other cat appears a bit afraid, as he quickly exits the pool, and abruptly slips past the other cat as fast as he can. The wet cat doesn’t want to be messed with, it seems, and the mischievous other cat races behind him as he makes a fast get away inside the home.

What makes this animal video so great is what? It is everything. We see cats in their rarest form. I just think the mischievous side of them is very revealing of a big side of their funny and playful side. Please SHARE with your families and friends!

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