Street Singer Receives An Impromptu guest and their performance blows the crowd away


Jason DeehPitre has always admired Seal, a 90’s superstar. Jason is a street performer who was lucky enough to perform a duet with the celebrated musician.

Seal was watching Jason as he performed his gig on the Montreal streets. Seal approached him and asked if he would mind doing a duet together. Jason obliged.

What unfolded next was mind-blowing! A stander-by captured the magical moment on camera and shared the video on YouTube.

Seal’s timeless voice permeates through the crowd causing everyone to stop on their track. He steps back, and gives Jason the chance to perform and he does not disappoint. The duo’s performance sounds like one done by seasoned performers.

Jason has been Seal’s fan for years. Jason even confessed that the first tape he ever bought was Seal’s first classic album. Seal has greatlyinfluenced his life.

Jason’s big moment was when Seal approached and told him he had an amazing voice.

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