Judges Are Shocked By A Young Country Boy’s Performance! This Is A Must Watch!


In most cases, average talent is what you get from contestants who come for auditions. But for “Chooka” Parker, that was not the case. You see, he had never got a chance of watching Australia’s Got Talent or ever dreamt of being on the spotlight.  As a matter of fact, it was only recently that his family acquired a TV!

This was his first audition and prior to this, this 17-year-old boy had never performed in front of any audience.  He had taught himself to play piano at his parent’s farm and even the judges could not believe that a rural boy like Chooka could achieve that without any form of training. Surely, the performance of this Boy is enough to make you appreciate the extent to which he is talented!

Judges are in the verge of being moved to tears by the intense performance that Chooka gives that leaves everyone amazed. He plays complex tunes as if he has known them since he was born. He even reveals that the tunes he has just played were created there and then. What a unique talent to have! This is astonishing!

Surely, this is one of the future talents that Australia has in store! Or, what do you think about this teen’s performance?

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