Though The Mother IS On The Verge Of Losing Her Memory, She Has A Heartwarming Moment With The Daughter!


The disease that Alzheimer is suffering from makes it hard for those who love and care for her. It is always heartbreaking when your loved one loses memory with each passing day and you end up being a total stranger when around him or her. This is what is happening with Alzheimer who is in the verge of losing connection with the people who matter most in her life.

Though that is the case, Alzheimer’s daughter by the name Kelly Gunderson managed to have a powerful conversation with her mother who is a victim of this terrible disease. She managed to record this emotional video while visiting the mother. By having a look at this video, you will surely notice how heartwarming it is.

I highly doubt whether Kelly will ever forget the incredible moment she shared with her mother over this video. This makes me feel like seizing the next moment and call my mother!

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