Wealthy Snob Yells At Mom Who Can’t Afford A Birthday Cake For Her Son. Then This Happens


#1 This Guy Is Standing In Line When He Sees This

This guy, dressed in a plain shirt and jeans, is waiting in line at a cake shop when he some guy in a nice suit telling a woman to hurry it up. This guy is taken aback.

#2 The Mom Is Fumbling With Her Money

This woman is fumbling with her money, getting stressed out as this guy is harassing her. The asshole in the suit doesn’t let up though, and he starts swearing at her. Suddenly the guy watching tell the guy in the suit that’s enough.

2973f31eb185c4966a3457e1731feb30.600xvia shareably.net

#3 Now The Guy In The Suit Starts Yelling At Him Too

This guy in a suit turns on the guy who told him to stop. He says he is a big player in a huge company. The guy in jeans asks for his business card. Then he shows this asshole in a suit his business card…

5078f841b4835b06c7260e14a3128dc7.600xvia shareably.net

#4 This Normal Dude In Jeans Owns The Company This Asshole Works For

Then the unbelievable happens. This guy, dressed in jeans and a shirt, actually founded the company this guy in a suit works for! He tells him he’s on thin ice. Then he buys the woman’s cake for her!

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