Teen Makes The Dad Cry. How He Did It? A Must Watch!


Isaac Waddington is a special 16-year old young man who beats the rest. While most teens of his age have no idea what they really want for themselves or their future, Isaac is already on his way to stardom! When he took on Billy Joel’s hit song “She’s Always A Woman” while performing at Britain’s Got Talent, the crowd was moved. But the moment came when Isaac had to use the piano and sing. You have to watch this!

Teenagers are shy, but when such a young man as Isaac manages to take a national audience by their spirits, it all gets spiced up. It’s evident that by the time he’s all grown, his singing talent will float your spirits high.

Isaac performs with deep emotion, besides a stunningly sweet voice, and you might find yourself wishing he could perform the beautiful song alongside Billy himself. He makes you “feel it” – and people always love that.

But what touched me most was his family. From the look of it, they’re proud to have their member on a big stage, and his brother adores him. The dad is down in tears, unable to keep his cool at this emotional moment. Although the competition is stiff, this teen is clearly set for something big!

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