What They Found Will Shock You After Hearing Cries From Under The Snow!


While on their snowmobiles approximately 55 miles north east of Anchorage in AK, Marty Mobley and his friend heard muffled cries coming from under the snow. They took a closer look, worried that perhaps a skier had been caught in an avalanche’s slide. They immediately began to dig through the snow after the saw what looked like an arm sticking out.

As the nerve racking rescue began, they hurried to free whatever was trapped under the snow: as they kept hearing loud moaning and groaning under the heavy snow pile.

After ten minutes of digging, to their amusement and relief they discovered it was a moose trapped beneath the snow.  The lucky moose stood up, shook off the snow and ran away unscathed.

Mobley informed his friend that he was an animal lover and he couldn’t leave it there. Further they had dealt with a lot of avalanches and snow for that kind karma to pass them up.

The moose survived as a result of the two extraordinary heroes.

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