An Epic Event Unfolds When A father Decides To Sing To His Daughter In Her Wedding Day!


There are types of gifts that a father can imagine of giving so as to make the wedding of his daughter colourful… but this father had a unique one on his daughter’s wedding day. He came up with an overwhelming plan.

While he was walking his daughter down the aisle, he suddenly broke into Edwin McCain’s “Walk With You”. He was still holding her hands while dedicating each and every word to her as they walked down the aisle. He did this until he handed her over to the bridegroom. The crowd was moved by the awesome deeds of this father!

Father and daughter had a time to remember in their lives when it mattered most. What a blessing to have a father and daughter who love each other to that extend! How the father managed to do this in such an occasion still surprises me!
Surely, he is one of his own!

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