Famous Country Singers Join A Southern Rock Legend For A Concert, What A Performance!


You can comment that my taste of music is of the past generation or century, but when it comes to choosing between classics and any other music, I’d rather stay with my favorite classics.

The video below show some little children dancing to old songs of the Motown period. You will certainly agree with me that current songs have no similarity with the old ones. This is the reason why keeping music alive in ways like in the following video is so important.

When “Midnight Rider” was first written by Gregg Allman, a musician from Allman Brothers way back in 1970, his style of life was distinct from the current one. Duane, his elder brother was alive still when they were starting to top in the music industry. 45 years down the line, Allman seems to be retiring, but with the performance of a song that he penned when he was in Macon, GA.

In the following clip, we see Allman playing his classic hit “Midnight Rider” together with his friends who also are popular and refer to him as their motivator. Even though the song is about the hard times and how to go through them, it’s so wonderful when sang with the famous country singers like Vince Gill and Zac Brown, who make the performance look so amazing.

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