She Was Extremely Depressed When Dumped By Her Owner. But What Follows Changed Everything.


See an amazing transformation of a dog who has been brought to Los Angeles animal shelter, as an 8 ½ years old, depressed, owner surrender dog. Unfortunately, too many people treat their pets just like toys which can be tossed away when they get old. They completely neglect the devastating impact of such move on the pet’s life – especially the life of a dog, which usually establishes the strongest bond with its owner.

When we see the dog at the beginning of the video, it’s clearly visible that as a senior dog, she requires immediate medical attention. Her owners have probably for some time completely given up on her and were just waiting for an occasion to drop her to the shelter. The staff of her new temporary home is very concerned with her physical and psychological state and decides to put her in a foster home. From the moment the dog is picked up by the “foster mom,” it can be seen euphoric, especially when it’s traveling the car. Just as if the dog somehow knew that she’s being taken to a new, better home.
Shortly after she is taken to a new foster home, we can see how tremendous impact the foster home has on her life – it’s almost unbelievable what a huge impact a little bit of care and time spent together can have on the dog’s behavior and life. This reminds us how much dogs appreciate the attention they get from people, and how important it is to treat them with love and respect.

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