The Dispatchers Were Disturbed After Receiving Over 4000 Calls From A Single Caller. This Is What They Found Out!


It’s always a stressful and awful feeling whenever the 911 dispatchers receive calls that are bogus.

Dealing with people who are ready to cause trouble is what most police officers and 911 dispatchers have got used to encountering each and every day. It didn’t come as a surprise when one dispatcher was forced to carry out an investigation after noticing that within a single week, someone had dialed the police station’s number over 4,000 times. This took place in one police station within Salt Lake City, UT.
David VanBibber who was responsible for making the calls had no intention of making them. At 30 years of age, David was a victim of Down syndrome. As revealed by Kari Bueno (the dispatcher who do the investigation) when reporting to KSL-TV, the disabled man wanted to listen to some music.

According to David’s parents, music has a lot to play in his life and as a result gave him an old phone to use it when he needs to play the music. They had forgotten that dialing 911 was still possible even with a disconnected phone and that was what he was always doing every time he attempted playing music.
David and His family were invited by the works at the Emergency Communications Center and given a surprise to remember. You will surely love this!

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