Couple with 15 kids share a secret behind their successful parenthood


When LyetteReback was growing up, she was the only child. That means she never got the chance of changing a diaper or even babysitting a little brother or sister. Despite being the only child, she always wished of having a large family when she gets married. Her wishes have come true since at the moment she has 15 kids – both adopted and biological.

For those parents who have raised two or three children know that being a parent to several kids is not easy. She has gone ahead and shared her hectic experience on – her blog. There are also several dogs in her family and she home-schools the children.

According to Lyette, raising 15 children under one roof seems like running a business and you might think she is operating a small café when you watch her prepare and serve the meals. She is always prayerful and her faith always gives her the strength to push on.

Please watch the clip below and visit her blog to see the kind of message she has for other parents out there. Don’t forget to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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