Mother Leaves Her Child at a Day Care Center When CCTV Cameras Captured THIS—Horrifying!


he day care worker’s husband heard rumors about his wife and so he decided to set up CCTV cameras at home.

The hardest job on this planet would probably being a mother and a wife. To make things a little harder, many mothers work to help in making money for the family. With this at hand, many children are often left at home with other family members—or there are some who would resort to going to the day care.

Most parents trust that their children are safe at the day care center, especially when most of these centers promote goodwill, promising parents that their children will be well taken care of. Child protective investigator Desiree LaBlanc of Des Moines was trying to find a good day care to watch her baby daughter. During her search, a family friend recommended 28-year-old Christina Williamson, who owned a day care in the area.

Williamson seemed promising, and so LaBlanc decided to trust her. Little did she know, Williamson isn’t the person she says she is. It was until Williamson’s husband heard rumors about his wife ‘acting strange’ and so he decided to install cameras in their home.

That was when he found out what his wife was doing to the children all along—and it is downright horrifying!

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