This Baby Elephant Wants To Scratch It’s Back, What It Does? I Can’t Hold My Laughter!


I can confidently say that baby elephants are among the most gorgeous young ones you can ever find out there. They seem to always have something peculiar which always grabs our attention. Maybe to say, it is because of their big bodies or it’s because in general all elephants seem to be the odd ones out from the rest of the wild or domestic animals.

This video was recorded in Elephant Natural Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and an eight month old elephant called Navaan is doing something that catches the attention of those present. All over a sudden he starts to roll in the mud in the name of scratching himself and also it seems that at the same time, he is cooling himself from the hot sun. This activity of rolling in the mud makes the caretakers and the visitors laugh and enjoy the stay at the park all the time.

Like Navaan, there are many elephants and other wild animals to rescue, support and take care of. So please we urge you to SHARE this video in order to create awareness of how important it is to rescue the wild animals like Navaan.

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